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Recognized on 11:01 PM, Wednesday April 23, 2008 EDT by Ryan
Capslock is the man! (robot). thanks for building the great how to play section.

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very good player
link4 on Thursday October 23, 2008
amy cluck on Tuesday October 21, 2008
Welcome bk good to see you at the tables
Cod4 on Saturday October 18, 2008
Welcome back cAPS!!!! Hope to see you on the tables soon! xxx Lei.
Lei on Thursday May 1, 2008
well, shit... it's about time!
NutzKiller on Thursday May 1, 2008
Oh how I have missed you all! I kind of can't believe I left you with "It's Peanut Butter Bender Time". I'll be back!
cAPSLOCK on Thursday May 1, 2008
Hi caps...long time no play....remember me? miss me? i need help i cant figure out how to get to a table pleeeease help...Bluffin
*Bluffin* on Sunday April 20, 2008
Where are you dude?
NutzKiller on Sunday March 23, 2008
cAPSLOCK missing u intensely. and by god dont make me adust my settings for you. just jokes. amy cluck aka panties. misses the stupid robot. xxxx
panties on Wednesday March 12, 2008
he would give you all his medals if you buy him a bear :-)
Bud Weiser on Friday March 7, 2008
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