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scottish lass with attitude and drives a broomstick AND WILL KICK CASPER5000 ASS
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Hiya manders... been missing my fav girl! Hope all is well! LW
low wheel on Wednesday April 9, 2008
That was always the plan mando :D Hopefully one day we will reach your level of daftness but that may be an imposible dream :) Take care and good luck x
Rabid Womble on Tuesday April 8, 2008
Ty :) I enjoyed it too ;) and i'm careful with him ;) he is sweet so i don't wanna break him :) but i will see you soon sweetie girl :) Xx Pokr.
Pokrface on Tuesday April 8, 2008
Ghehe :) Mandy i don't know what you mean ;p it doesn't going about poker ;p Xx Pokr.
Pokrface on Sunday April 6, 2008
oops last message was suppose to go to pokr lol
mandy1569 on Sunday April 6, 2008
Dank u u zijn ook zeer zoet en ik geniet ook van uw bedrijf bij de lijsten neem zorgpop hope you understand this let me know if you dont lol xxx
mandy1569 on Sunday April 6, 2008
Heey mandy :) You are a nice person ;) and i like to play poker with you on the table :) So Good Luck and i will see you soon =D Xx Pokr.
Pokrface on Sunday April 6, 2008
Im sure you will back me up against Jane :) she is all talk and no action anyway and wont be able to handle a war like you do. So you tell Jane to come find me!!!!!!!!!!!
Rabid Muppet on Sunday April 6, 2008
Hey Manders, saw yer post on W's page :) Aye diny see ya about as much :( The auld gang's all splittin up lol. Hope all is well with you and hopefully we'll catch up soon. Take care babe xoxoxoxoxoxo
Same Old Vik :P on Thursday March 20, 2008
gnite manders... sleep well and sweet dreams :) LW
low wheel on Tuesday March 18, 2008
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