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Recognized on 5:53 PM, Friday March 6, 2009 EST by TLP
Always pleasant at tables. A good example to other young players, always polite and fun. A good player too :-)

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Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [Qh, 8h] Zalethon checks Bacje calls link4 raises $1,300 Sean Oszal folds Jesse Green calls sinker folds Zalethon folds Bacje folds Dealing flop: [9h, 5h, 5d] Dealing turn: [Js] Dealing river: [2h] link4 shows [7d, 2s] for two pair, fives and twos Jesse Green shows [6s, Kc] for a pair of fives link4 wins main pot $2,750
Zalethon on Sunday September 4, 2011
Mr childish little trouble causer who behaves like a 12 year old
"pebble" on Thursday September 9, 2010
biggest wanker in the world
"""landlord""" on Thursday July 29, 2010
oh pebblee u just suck.. got no hobbies?! or why are u spaming on my review page?
link4 on Thursday April 8, 2010
link... u need to grow up you little shit!! your embarrassing yourself
tirbep on Sunday February 28, 2010
doing suprisingly well for someone with a borderline personality disorder, gd on you lil' fella
lucky3 on Tuesday February 23, 2010
i TOTALLY agree with pebble
SIMA DAWG on Sunday December 6, 2009
wow you got a medal this month..hope dont have see you everyday crying on the forum
heavy-ddd on Sunday August 2, 2009
what a crybaby
trailerpartychic on Thursday July 16, 2009
not really that pleasant , 6/7/09 link4: fucking sick shit link4: fuck off gpokr im getting tired of this bs
ISuspect.ImSh1t on Wednesday July 8, 2009
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