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Maybe if we start telling people their brain is an app, they’ll want to use it.
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@pebble no boy *gives Pebble a tissue* here, go wipe your runny nose.. I am soo not interested in you. Go find yourself someone your own age, at kindergarden..
masuhujo on Monday May 17, 2010
very childish and gets very upset when looses to a better player, its just free chips!! get a life build a bridge and get over it!
"pebble" on Saturday May 15, 2010
JulesDogg on Friday May 15, 2009
Masu, you are not the only one. He knows who I'm talking about. And I am sorry bout you know what. I didn't know. Please accept my apologies.
Habba-Habba on Saturday March 28, 2009
_BLizZaRd_ on Wednesday February 25, 2009
thanks for reading my concerns atleast someone understands and listens ...just gettin tired of people starting crap and then when someone says something back to them they get all butt hurt and run to an advisor and then they mute the wrong person rather than the one that started the shit....thanks girl...
dezilouhoo on Thursday February 19, 2009
glijdt er lekker in dus ^^
Wentworth Miller on Thursday February 19, 2009
Mas:) Thank you so much for having it in ya to bring out the fact that there are CG harrassers!!! Each and evey time I post something here they come! I can name them!! I can almost predict exactly what they are going to say too!!! hahahaha Also, you can tell the good advisors from the bad, cause the good ones handle up at the tables~the bad one handles up on the forum~ so they have an audience! You gooooo girl~~~Thank You and good luck!!!
Country Girl on Sunday February 15, 2009
en kunde nix fixe :( kan ik terug spreke please doe is een goed woordje voor uwe zuider buur
rivaldo on Sunday December 7, 2008
i did not see my pic on your wall of fans
pocahontas717 on Friday December 5, 2008
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