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Banned as requested in the forum. Abuse is against site rules, break rules, lose privileges. -changeAvatar -play -re-register TLP 12:36 PM, Wednesday September 18, 2013 EDT
same as b4 -avatar lynnmay 9:08 PM, Thursday March 1, 2012 EST
harassing would not stop when asked to -chat lynnmay 9:54 PM, Tuesday January 3, 2012 EST

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2011-12-20 lpiss15Kilos is a chat jerk and web boy. Chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ Ipiss15Kilos: hahah u lose faggot ---------- Ipiss15Kilos: u lose again faggot ---------- [Note: Isn't using "faggot" as an epithet about 5 years too late? Maybe if you are a 12-year-old it is current, right Dear Readers?]
3.14159 on Tuesday December 20, 2011
"Waaaaaah, I didn't win a hand when I went all in! This game is rigged, everyone cheats but me! WAAAAAHHHH!!!" Grow up you whiner. Maybe if you stopped going all in with sh**, you might hit instead of bust. But of course you're the math wizz... See you forever at the small tables cry-baby.
JonasAlCaponas on Wednesday May 5, 2010
big noobo
link4 on Monday November 2, 2009
Ipiss15Kilos is a stand up guy. Great player and fun to play with, no matter what anyone says.
bcw on Friday September 11, 2009
ur so-called bat beats are always on the kiddie tables,like 10k or less pots,who gives a shit??no matter what u bet on them tables people will call so....more sensible poker is played on bigger tables
bobsoice on Monday March 10, 2008
You are an idiot. Get out!
sboll on Wednesday March 5, 2008
15, we always have a cool and friendly chat. That's how it should be on gpokr. At the risk of sounding obtuse, can I suggest you try to take the bad beats in your stride a little. Sometimes the cards favour you sometimes not. To prevent being out-drawn I always bet very heavily if I need to protect a set or a two pair on a flop with straight or flush draws. In the long run it tends to work. If someone pays 1/3 of the pot on the turn for a 1/5 flush draw on the river it is their mistake. Even when they hit you know that you played right and they made an error. As irritating as it is at the time, in the long run those that pay too much for draws will lose and if you are the guy getting them to make those errors then you will win in the end. Protect your top pairs, 2 pairs and sets against draws with big bets on the flop and turn. Good luck and I'll see you on the tables.
JulesDogg on Tuesday March 4, 2008
Needs an economy barrel of STFU
Flragnararch on Tuesday March 4, 2008
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