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dr zoid

Man who drop watch in toilet, is bound to have a shitty time
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Recognized on 11:11 AM, Sunday November 29, 2009 EST by These cards suck
For being one of gPokr's biggest Noobs! Congrats! You can turn a 2/7 offsuit into ace's and ace's into a crap hand. For being a total badass everywhere he goes. Pop a top and stop and talk to the Dr!

This player has been modded by the community

time served, restored +chat +play +post integral 1:58 PM, Sunday January 18, 2015 EST
Enforcement of the Bone-Roller doctrine -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Myriad 3:21 AM, Sunday August 29, 2010 EDT
reset +play KDICEMOD 7:55 PM, Tuesday May 25, 2010 EDT
This account is banned from playing until this player's main account remains banned and is left alone by HH. -play KDICEMOD 7:19 PM, Tuesday May 18, 2010 EDT
time served +play KDICEMOD 6:06 PM, Wednesday September 9, 2009 EDT
PGA with DLK -------- -play for 7 days -play KDICEMOD 6:26 PM, Monday August 31, 2009 EDT
spoke with player, so restoring abilities +changeAvatar +chat +play +post misst56 11:48 AM, Monday February 16, 2009 EST
Banned due to disrupting the game for others by endlessly standing up and sitting down so that no one could guess or draw. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Lei 6:04 PM, Tuesday December 2, 2008 EST
Ban period reduced, able to play. +play Lei 9:37 PM, Tuesday November 18, 2008 EST
Banned for a week until the 24th November due to cheating. -play Lei 7:22 PM, Sunday November 16, 2008 EST

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see, thats how stupid you are reflex, revelex, revoltion, evolution, xelex whatever your name is. That is NOT zoid it is brandhino
observantplayer on Sunday June 1, 2008
I think I'm a pretty good player and have pulled 12 a couple of times now. I'm not hating, in fact congratulations on the win and your rank of your other account. However, you just got what 43 45 million. I think with that amount so way above the rest, your a cheater. You have probably a couple of accounts and know the cheatcode. Whatever man, if you wanna cheat every month thats your perogative. Someones gotta do it. But you got no respect from me for doing it the slimy way. Be a man and do it the real way this following month! I'm callin you out.......505
505daddy on Sunday June 1, 2008
dr zoid.: hurry the fuck up dr zoid.: GOD DAMN dr zoid.: u slow fuckers Reflex: abusive little turd aren't you? Barrios85 is here dr zoid.: bitch dr zoid.: Blow me
Reflex on Wednesday May 28, 2008
GO GHOON... i mean zoid lol gl
GHOON on Monday May 19, 2008
zoid dont let ppl put u down m8 they only jealouse coz there not first m8 gl this month m8
snitch18 on Friday May 16, 2008
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