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So good to hear your ok...hope to see you soon hon!!! xxxxx Lei.
Lei on Wednesday February 13, 2008
hope every thing is ok and tyvm for your notes i wish u well tc and i hope to sit at the same table with you soon (by nthe wat other name is jane 1569...shes my twin
mandy1569 on Wednesday February 13, 2008
Misty hon really hope things work out for you...you deserve happiness girl....xoxo Lei
Lei on Saturday February 9, 2008
you deserve amillion times better you seem a really nice person go do it and start having some fun
jane1569 on Saturday February 9, 2008
MJ, you're totally awesome. It's always a pleasure to either join you at a table or have you join at a table im sitting at. It's the most fun, when you, US, and CG all get together..... two words - f'en RIOT :) Peace baby!
low wheel on Tuesday January 29, 2008
hi, ive only just mmet u, but u seem very nice! hope to see u again!!
Lei on Tuesday January 29, 2008
cAPSLOCK on Tuesday January 29, 2008
hi misty.. i don't know you that good yet.. but it's fun and nice to play with you here.. i wish you all the luck here.. and hope with alot of fun.. kisses passie ;-)
Passie on Saturday January 26, 2008
Hi, CG..thanks a lot! Just got your message, might play a lot of gpoker, but forget to look at my notes lol..Hope to see ya soon..Hugs!!
mistyjohnston on Friday January 25, 2008
Hi Misty!!!!!! It is such a blast playing with you, Pammi, and UsualSuspec! You girls are soooo much fun! Good luck girl!!! Hope we remains friends forever!
Country Girl on Sunday January 20, 2008
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