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good to go +play gnice37 1:36 PM, Thursday May 22, 2014 EDT
away losing blinds -play gnice37 1:35 PM, Thursday May 22, 2014 EDT

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Hello aruba!!!!! I finally got hooked up so I'll be seeing you on the tables! Missed ya and looking forward to playing with ya !!!!!! lov ya Fritzy xxxxx
Fritzy/sassy on Wednesday July 2, 2008
Hi aruba! Good luck for you in this month! (and give back my chips... lol) szabtam
szabtam on Sunday May 4, 2008
Are you guys ok? Haven't seen you for a few days, hope all it well. cya soon!!!!! xxxoooo Fritzy
Fritzy/sassy on Thursday April 24, 2008
Hi Aruba! It is so much fun playing with you at Gpoker! You are such a sweetheart! Good luck here and everywhere you may go! :) Luv ya~Gpoker style!!
Country Girl on Monday March 10, 2008
two very nice people..who are always nice to play with and very friendly xxx Lei.
Lei on Monday March 10, 2008
Very nice people from Boston who are alot of fun to chat with
Fritzy/sassy on Monday March 3, 2008
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