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1. click on your av on the upper right hand side of the normal playing window, that brings up the Preferences panel 2. click on the grey Browse button under Change Avatar, that will bring up another window 3 on the left select Desktop if it isn't selected. Find the filename u saved the new av under and click on it. Then click on Open at the bottom of that window. That should close the window 4 back at your Preferences panel click on Upload next to the Browse button and then at the bottom of the panel click on Ok 5. F5, refresh
Bettyke on Tuesday December 7, 2010
capiness shows [7s, Js] for a full house, fives full of Jacks 101450ja shows [9h, 5h] for four fives 101450ja wins main pot $3,250 101450ja wins side pot $2,700
777up on Monday May 11, 2009
big noob
link4 on Wednesday September 10, 2008
I want to make firend with you can you tell your msn ID to me I am form chinece ,I am 22 years old my msn is [email protected] or my gmail is [email protected]
zmg0214 on Wednesday August 6, 2008
Hello hon!! I finally got the internet hooked up so I can play again! Hope to see you soon on the tables. Miss you lots luv Fritzy
Fritzy/sassy on Friday June 27, 2008
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