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gnice37 wrote
at 7:21 PM, Friday April 24, 2015 EDT

tiks777 bets $2,605,217

brandinhoFCD raises $2,791,566

tiks777 shows [Ad, Th] for Ace high

brandinhoFCD shows [Js, 3s] for a pair of Jacks

brandinhoFCD wins main pot $6,970,434

brandinhoFCD wins side pot $186,349
gnice37 wrote
at 11:03 PM, Wednesday April 22, 2015 EDT
You are only chat banned till the end of the month. You were banned for harassment and KC could of banned you longer. We try to keep this a friendly site. For what you might think is funny banter, others take offense to it. It really isn't cool to tell ppl they suck or that you are better then them. Just try to play and have fun. You have been around for a long time here. You should help us and site to be a better place.
gnice37 wrote
at 7:54 PM, Wednesday April 22, 2015 EDT
please keep the language clean. if not a mute ban will be in effect. thx and gl
shylo wrote
at 4:31 PM, Sunday April 19, 2015 EDT
Good Luck to you :)
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