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Evertonfc is a cool guy so I have to agree. I have known him now for a few years and he is always nice and fun to talk too.
grump on Monday September 17, 2012
Cool guy
JulesDogg on Saturday September 15, 2012
I went allin with 2 2's and got 4!
tapsteel on Monday July 7, 2008
Thank you so much for your kind words! They made my day today!!:) oxxoxoxox
Country Girl on Monday May 26, 2008
ok m8 ty all the best to u and sorry 4 wot i said b 4 no offence m8
evertonfc on Sunday May 11, 2008
Hey m8...just thought i drop u a line.....play smart n win hard!! i know u can do it, and dont ask 4 loans they always make u play worse...lol....have fun and keep the chat bug going
Lblack on Saturday May 10, 2008
ty vvvmuch cg we r good frends on here dont let no 1 put u down :)
evertonfc on Saturday May 10, 2008
Hi Lil One!!! You are such a sweet person and you always make my day when you stop and say hi to me:) I will never forget ya!! xoxxoxoxo Good luck sweetie :)
Country Girl on Saturday May 10, 2008
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