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Recognized on 5:03 PM, Saturday January 10, 2009 EST by annat
Sye, you are a wonderful, pleasant and polite person. You promote a great playing atmosphere. Thanks for all that you give to the gpokr community!! Such a joy to have around! :)

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see below +play Lei 6:37 PM, Saturday November 1, 2008 EDT
Purely a test no offence committed -play Lei 6:36 PM, Saturday November 1, 2008 EDT

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Sye, it is a pleasure to waste my coke on you. Always nice to see you online.
Marice on Saturday April 18, 2009
sye, you are the first person I look for when I log on. (although I usually don't have enough chips!)
Pontificator on Sunday March 8, 2009
Great work sye good to see someone with a medal that truly deserves it
Bodgie on Friday August 1, 2008
Well done, Sye! I'm glad to see that you've gotten your first medal. No doubt many of my losses have contributed. : ) Congratulations.
Irish Princess on Sunday June 1, 2008
Never has a sweeter player deserved their first medal as much as sye has this month. May this be a portend of that which is yet to come. Well done.
mcab on Sunday June 1, 2008
SYE!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on 61st place!!!! Awesome job!!! Best of luck this month as well!! See ya soon!!!
annat on Sunday June 1, 2008
Good player, never gives up a pot without a fight. Always good to see you at the tables.
JulesDogg on Monday April 28, 2008
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