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kitteh wrote
at 11:02 AM, Saturday February 9, 2019 EST
kitteh wrote
at 2:01 PM, Wednesday April 4, 2012 EDT
im great! get online!!! :D
kitteh wrote
at 10:51 PM, Thursday March 29, 2012 EDT
BRO! holy balls! how are you??
kitteh wrote
at 2:44 PM, Friday April 22, 2011 EDT
ill be on tonight! come play :)
kitteh wrote
at 6:20 PM, Saturday April 16, 2011 EDT
hey bro! i hope you come on tonight. i think ill play a little bit tonight :)
kitteh wrote
at 2:47 PM, Sunday March 20, 2011 EDT
Haha hey!!! Were getting closer though!! I'm computer is fucked up so I may or may not be able to play for a week or two. But I swear to god if ou take off again.....
kitteh wrote
at 1:30 AM, Sunday March 20, 2011 EDT
Dude! Were gonna catch each other online one of these days. What time do you come on?
kitteh wrote
at 5:04 PM, Saturday December 11, 2010 EST
BRO! i miss you. get your ass online got it? :)
kitteh wrote
at 4:50 PM, Monday September 27, 2010 EDT
BRO! :)
penubag wrote
at 7:16 PM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT
HI! Haven't seen you in a while
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