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If I didn't know you, I'd make you up
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About: Never lost a fair game... or played one

"Don't kid yourself" would be a great slogan for an abortion clinic.

She would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.
If you watch Cinderella backwards, it's about a women who learns her place.

I hired a hitman. Gave him simple instructions. "surprise me."

We pass the time of day to forget how time passes.
Loobee: any girl who says she doesn't double click the clit is lying

montecarlo: your gf let you play on saturday night?
montecarlo: MARRY THAT BITCH

Kehoe: my spam mailers must be pretty smart, since they seem to know i've got a small penis

Kehoe: ending your sentences with :) doesn't make your retarded actions better

Holly Molly: idk any abbreviations

CuteKittens: DIEEE

biteme: STFU cat molestor! Your posts fall into neither category of useful or funny.

DoobiusMalcor: everytime I look in the chat box I regret it

TheBetterYodel: Women talk too much about what they think.

Ryan: I don't remember how to do this
Ryan: *steps away slowly*

TayBren13: i really want to cry when you draw

Thraxle: When someone says "I'm a democrat", I immediately assume they're on welfare.

rigor mortis: the baby bit her nipple
rigor mortis: = no work for me

Dark_lunatic_K: Honestly, KDice has unleashed an animal contained inside me. I'm gonna fucking destroy everyone.

zumo: Guantlet
zumo: don't be gay

dottir: why is gurgi killing everybody?

savif: trucing with gurgi is actually porn savif: good porn

hcdug: you manufacture every win you get. a sign of legend
Age: 31

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