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shylo wrote
at 6:49 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2015 EST
sye folds
Dealing flop: [9s, Jc, Th]
DJ23 checks
slicknick72 bets $200
ballato ross calls
-.ding24hy.- raises $4,000
DJ23 calls
penny2 takes a seat
slicknick72 calls
ballato ross folds
Dealing turn: [Tc]
DJ23 checks
slicknick72 checks
-.ding24hy.- bets $4,000
DJ23 calls
slicknick72 calls
Dealing river: [8d]
DJ23 checks
slicknick72 bets $200
-.ding24hy.- raises $6,000
DJ23 folds
slicknick72 calls
-.ding24hy.- shows [Ts, Td] for four tens
slicknick72 shows [Jh, 8h] for two pair, Jacks and tens
-.ding24hy.- wins main pot $40,800
-.ding24hy.- wrote
at 9:59 PM, Tuesday March 13, 2012 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qc, Qh]
AzHousePro calls
-.ding24hy.- raises $13,000
winner 1! calls
lsgage calls
AzHousePro folds
Dealing flop: [Ah, 8s, Kh]
winner 1! bets $30,242
lsgage calls
-.ding24hy.- folds
Dealing turn: [3d]
Dealing river: [3s]
winner 1! shows [9s, 8c] for two pair, eights and threes
lsgage shows [8h, 7h] for two pair, eights and threes
winner 1! wins main pot $50,242
lsgage wins main pot $50,242

keep breathing d
-.ding24hy.- wrote
at 11:15 AM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
Thank you TLP, lynmay!
lynnmay wrote
at 9:14 AM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
woooot wooooot good job!!!
TLP wrote
at 8:40 PM, Saturday December 31, 2011 EST
HNY dinger!
-.ding24hy.- wrote
at 2:39 PM, Friday September 2, 2011 EDT
Thank you Ladies
lynnmay wrote
at 9:35 AM, Thursday September 1, 2011 EDT
wooooooot!!! good job!!
TLP wrote
at 9:00 PM, Wednesday August 31, 2011 EDT
Great month dinger well played!
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