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Missy~~girl you are incredible!! YOU were the fun one! Next time I'll make 2 batches! haahahahah Luv ya girl!!! See ya soon!
Country Girl on Wednesday March 12, 2008
Hey cg it was alot of fun drinking the margaritas. I lost all my chips but thats ok cause u were soooooomuch fun luv u
missyprissy on Tuesday March 11, 2008
Hi Missy!!!When you get ready for another margarita~call me! haha Thanks for making last night worth playing! You are sooo much fun and I hope we meet up again~soon! I added ya as my friend~hope you dont mind? I luv ya girl~ the best way~GPokr style~ :)
Country Girl on Tuesday March 11, 2008
thank u lei u are so cool. xxxx
missyprissy on Monday March 10, 2008
She is a very sweet girl, always fun to play with and talk to!!!! xxxx Lei.
Lei on Monday March 10, 2008
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