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warning only chat and post restored +chat +post Rob S. 1:25 PM, Saturday May 15, 2010 EDT
abusive and aggressive language harrassment -chat and post for one week -chat -post Rob S. 1:23 PM, Saturday May 15, 2010 EDT

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Steven is a good player but I think he's been eating too much spicey food and its going to his head..... ParkerLewis: Hello Rascal , can you try and get to higher tables by at least a few weeks? ParkerLewis: Ive been waiting for you hotsteven31: this month im retarted hotsteven31: oops hotsteven31: i mean hotsteven31: retired ParkerLewis: you got it right first time hotsteven31: lol hotsteven31: bhenchod hotsteven31: oops hotsteven31: i mean hotsteven31: retired
ParkerLewis on Sunday July 7, 2013
Good going Steven keep it going fella snoods
Snoods on Wednesday May 22, 2013
Steve walks warily down the street With the brim pulled way down low
starfish_warrior on Wednesday May 26, 2010
Congrats Steven, very nice month, you good player and better person.
SrSousa on Wednesday July 1, 2009
bad palyer
link4 on Monday December 15, 2008
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