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J.R.21 wrote
at 9:16 AM, Monday June 10, 2024 EDT
when are you coming out to oz next ? :) I think it would be awesome to take you for a blast around the skies. Nothing compares to this, suspended animation a state of bliss ..
cheers, we will catch up around the table one day :)
J.R.21 wrote
at 7:58 AM, Tuesday May 28, 2024 EDT
G'day mate, how the hell are ya, shoot me an email when you can. Life is good here, hope yours is too.
J.R.21 wrote
at 8:00 AM, Tuesday May 18, 2021 EDT
G'day mate, good to see you at the tables. I hope you are well and enjoying life as we know it.( Listening to BLACK KNIGHT ) stay safe Bro..
J.R.21 wrote
at 3:37 AM, Monday December 30, 2019 EST
Hope you had a merry christmas, and I trust you will have an awesome new year. cheers JR
J.R.21 wrote
at 1:12 AM, Sunday April 23, 2017 EDT
It's been a year since I was here,
On the streets I've been passin' my time away.
to left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky, and its outta sight, in the dead of night. Here I am again in this city, with a fist full of dollars. (Ace Frehley) cheers JR
J.R.21 wrote
at 4:31 AM, Thursday March 10, 2016 EST
Whiskey bottles and brand new cars,
Oak tree you're in my way.
There's too much coke and too much smoke,
look what's going on inside you..... cheers JR
kellykellymoore wrote
at 5:31 PM, Saturday October 3, 2015 EDT
Good luck in October! =)
J.R.21 wrote
at 5:48 PM, Tuesday September 1, 2015 EDT
msufan1313 wrote
at 7:00 PM, Wednesday April 17, 2013 EDT
msufan1313's turn
bombejs defeated 4v2, 17 to 6, (4,2,5,6 to 5,1)
(+40 for 2nd and +0 for dominance)
Rank: 1120th Score: +40 to 330◆.
bombejs finishes 2nd in round 124
bombejs stands up
(+120 for 1st and +0 for dominance)
Rank: 248th Score: +120 to 2438◆.
msufan1313 finishes 1st in round 124
sofoklo wrote
at 5:05 AM, Thursday February 14, 2013 EST
ty pop,gl m8 tc
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