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irish rover

just remember,there irish in EVERBODY
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Recognized on 12:08 PM, Monday September 20, 2010 EDT by Rob S.
for all his friendship and contributions to gpokr

This player has been modded by the community

reinstated +play TLP 5:36 PM, Monday January 31, 2011 EST
booted to save losing blinds -play TLP 5:36 PM, Monday January 31, 2011 EST
Abilities reinstated +chat +play +post TLP 12:37 PM, Tuesday September 1, 2009 EDT
abusing fellow players -play -post JulesDogg 1:15 PM, Friday August 28, 2009 EDT
Racist comments in chat -chat Carlie Dee 2:13 PM, Wednesday August 19, 2009 EDT
Reinstated +post These cards suck 1:06 PM, Friday August 14, 2009 EDT
For the post about CG. http://gpokr.com/discussion/topics/44779517 - I said nothing more about her. I ment it. -post These cards suck 10:06 AM, Saturday July 18, 2009 EDT
Your ban is lifted. I have said all that I have needed to say. I will not discuss any of this any further with you. I had witnesses to your language. You do not see that you did any wrong...OKAY...But, refrain from the language and there will be NO problems. +chat annat 10:58 AM, Monday January 26, 2009 EST
Constant name calling!! After SEVERAL warnings, continued. Recently several reports of verbal abuse by this player. Not to mention, ugliness on players reviews that I asked him about. Here is the point IR - Just cuz someone is stirring with you, doesn't mean that you can verbally abuse them with ur language. -chat annat 3:32 PM, Monday January 19, 2009 EST

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HARASSES players
Hector on Friday July 30, 2010
i got his as whipped big time.. then he called me a noob and a newbie muahahahaha
ultra-tomba on Monday January 11, 2010
you were to insult you because I won a hand and I said you bastard lose you do not know before you play tries to be sporty greetings from baz_2.0
baz _2.0 on Thursday August 20, 2009
Good Luck IR:) xoxoxxoxo
Lady D on Tuesday June 30, 2009
ban me...I sign with another account...i dont care of career...idiot
JUMPER_88 on Tuesday June 30, 2009
another great month again noob
yourmom666 on Monday June 1, 2009
My absolute last (knowingly) 3 words to you Irish Rover and all of your guises........... IT'S BEEN EMOTIONAL
Delboy71 on Thursday May 21, 2009
My absolute last (knowingly) 3 words to you Irish Rover and all of your guises........... IT'S BEEN EMOTIONAL
ThamesBoy on Thursday May 21, 2009
Love ya too Rover, I'm glad I made such an impact on your life. Maybe if you get some friends you won't be so angry :). You do realise we are just repeating ourselves now, I'm the rat sh*t stirrer you're the no friend loser.
Rabid Womble on Wednesday February 18, 2009
i know your ranting because its all over the latest reviews the last few days. and its a bloody poker site it doesnt need to be any of my business. "im starting to see the people that play this game and their buddies" what the hell are you on dude? anna couldnt care less about what you say to me and rabid womble because if she did you could have been muted and banned the day she became a mod. when you start your jammy bastard crap at the table along with boy at the end of every sentance do you really expect not to be muted for it? and id say you got off pretty lightly...id say just give up while your ahead but i guess you wont listen to me anyway
bartlemy on Monday January 26, 2009
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