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lynnmay wrote
at 9:10 AM, Saturday March 1, 2014 EST
woooot good job!!!!!
bighall wrote
at 4:03 PM, Friday July 12, 2013 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [As, Ks]
Odette Annable folds
BOBO2121 folds
aamike folds
lollypop007 folds
bighall raises $2,000
ace... folds
R-O-B-B-Y calls
Dealing flop: [Js, 5s, 5d]
R-O-B-B-Y bets $2,000
bighall calls
Dealing turn: [Ts]
R-O-B-B-Y bets $2,000
bighall calls
Dealing river: [Qs]
R-O-B-B-Y bets $1,000
bighall raises $2,000
R-O-B-B-Y calls
bighall shows [As, Ks] for a straight flush Ace high
R-O-B-B-Y shows [Jh, 7d] for two pair, Jacks and fives
bighall wins main pot $16,500
bighall wrote
at 12:40 PM, Tuesday March 26, 2013 EDT
this is some real ganster shit

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [2s, 9s]
bighall raises $2,000
Bart Simpson is takes a seat
peel66 raises $7,000
hammers folds
bighall calls
Dealing flop: [9h, 9d, 9c]
peel66 bets $10,000
MD17 takes a seat
bighall calls
Dealing turn: [3s]
peel66 bets $20,000
bighall calls
Dealing river: [7d]
peel66 checks
bighall bets $69,500
peel66 calls
bighall shows [2s, 9s] for four nines
peel66 shows [Jd, Js] for a full house, nines full of Jacks
bighall wins main pot $187,000
bighall wins side pot $14,000
peel66 stands up
lynnmay wrote
at 12:24 PM, Sunday March 17, 2013 EDT
sosososo good to see you back!!!!!!!!!!
annat wrote
at 10:07 AM, Friday August 5, 2011 EDT
Okay, Mr. Bighall!! It is time to get your butt back here! :) Luv ya sweets. Just miss you :(
annat wrote
at 7:24 AM, Tuesday June 28, 2011 EDT
Miss you SBM!! ;)
annat wrote
at 8:20 PM, Tuesday March 1, 2011 EST
I am so sorry to ever doubt the one and only true Big. :)
annat wrote
at 7:57 AM, Monday January 31, 2011 EST
Miss you!! Just wanted to say Hi ;)
annat wrote
at 6:25 AM, Saturday January 8, 2011 EST
Awwww look at my SBM!!! Damn right baby!!!
annat wrote
at 3:41 PM, Thursday December 30, 2010 EST
Happy New Year....Miss you :(
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