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Same Old Vik :P

Scottish and proud ........ (no i don't eat haggis everyday whilst wearing a kilt! :P)
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Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [Th, Ts] alcaide folds buzzzzz folds myerlyn checks pepe21 folds -.ding24hy.- raises $3,000 ikszor calls boosh folds Same Old Vik :P calls matias44 calls myerlyn calls Dealing flop: [Qh, Tc, Td] Same Old Vik :P checks matias44 checks myerlyn checks -.ding24hy.- bets $4,000 ikszor calls Same Old Vik :P calls matias44 folds myerlyn folds Dealing turn: [3d] Same Old Vik :P checks -.ding24hy.- bets $3,000 ikszor calls Same Old Vik :P calls Dealing river: [Kc] Same Old Vik :P bets $10,000 -.ding24hy.- calls ikszor raises $40,000 Same Old Vik :P raises $58,000 -.ding24hy.- calls ikszor calls -.ding24hy.- shows [Qs, Kd] for two pair, Kings and Queens ikszor shows [Qc, Qd] for a full house, Queens full of tens Same Old Vik :P shows [Th, Ts] for four tens Same Old Vik :P wins main pot $96,000 Same Old Vik :P wins side pot $96,000 -.ding24hy.- stands up -.ding24hy.- takes a seat
Same Old Vik :P on Sunday November 29, 2009
ty for http://delsofficialfanclub.wordpress.com/
Delboy71 on Thursday October 29, 2009
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