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Cyse wrote
at 9:48 AM, Thursday April 15, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [8h, 8s]
karaokelee folds
AlexandraF552 folds
yourmom666 folds
pepe21 folds
unicorn dream folds
AlexandraF552 stands up
Cyse raises $1,300
pcabeza calls
Dealing flop: [4d, 8c, 8d]
Cyse checks
pcabeza bets $1,000
pepe21 sits out
pepe21 stands up
Cyse calls
Dealing turn: [3d]
Cyse checks
pcabeza bets $1,400
Cyse calls
Dealing river: [6d]
Cyse checks
pcabeza bets $19,300
Cyse calls
Cyse shows [8h, 8s] for four eights
pcabeza shows [6c, 5s] for two pair, eights and sixs
Cyse wins main pot $41,200
pcabeza wins side pot $2,500
Cyse wrote
at 12:43 AM, Wednesday August 19, 2009 EDT
titled away the last 800k I had after blowing 1.3million doing stupid things like
slowplaying and mis betting cause i cant type.
God im really a newb/doink/ what ever the high end players say. seriously I suck.
Cyse wrote
at 9:13 PM, Tuesday August 18, 2009 EDT
I am my own worst enemy. nuff said.
mark gunn wrote
at 6:21 AM, Tuesday June 2, 2009 EDT
WoW,Well Done,lets av a gold one now,good luck for june
Cyse wrote
at 7:11 PM, Monday June 1, 2009 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [Qc, 9c]
co.co calls
Tricky Ricky raises $1,450
*Dont Be Mad* calls
Cyse calls
nzfickle folds
co.co calls
Dealing flop: [5c, 8c, Tc]
Cyse bets $1,800
*Dont Be Mad* calls
Dealing turn: [Jc]
Dealing river: [6h]
*Dont Be Mad* shows [As, Kd] for Ace high
Cyse shows [Qc, 9c] for a straight flush Queen high
co.co shows [Td, 8h] for two pair, tens and eights
Tricky Ricky shows [6d, 2c] for a flush Jack high
Cyse wins main pot $5,650
Cyse wins side pot $300
Cyse wins side pot $1,500
Cyse wins side pot $1,050
*Dont Be Mad* stands up
co.co stands up
Tricky Ricky stands up
*Dont Be Mad* takes a seat

Cyse wrote
at 11:06 PM, Sunday May 31, 2009 EDT
Good month may was didn't play much. I kept it FUN, and didn't take it to serious, and managed to do well without playing a metric ton. Amazing final day +747,876 on the final day alone.
Cyse wrote
at 4:51 PM, Friday May 29, 2009 EDT
1st Gpokr since being back NH's for sure.

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [9d, Jh]
hobschoyce calls
Cyse calls
chowdary calls
zimster folds
str8up calls
the-old-guy checks
Dealing flop: [Qd, Ks, 7s]
str8up checks
the-old-guy bets $200
hobschoyce sits out
hobschoyce folds
Cyse raises $400
chowdary folds
str8up calls
hobschoyce sits in
PEA NUT BUTT ERR stands up
PEA NUT BUTT ERR takes a seat
the-old-guy calls
Dealing turn: [Td]
str8up bets $2,000
the-old-guy raises $18,800
Cyse raises $21,600
str8up calls
Dealing river: [7d]
str8up shows [Tc, Th] for a full house, tens full of sevens
the-old-guy shows [Qc, Qh] for a full house, Queens full of sevens
Cyse shows [9d, Jh] for a straight King high
the-old-guy wins main pot $58,600
str8up wins side pot $1,200
Cyse wins side pot $2,200
Cyse wrote
at 2:04 AM, Saturday March 7, 2009 EST
Cyse wrote
at 4:23 PM, Friday March 6, 2009 EST
Clearly obvious they both had pockets so hit the A knew i was gold or so I thought...

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4d, Ad]
flo-flo calls
cristi_an calls
Cipher calls
Cyse calls
dutchy1964 folds
WESM calls
very special calls
looser234 raises $5,000
flo-flo folds
cristi_an raises $10,000
Cipher folds
Cyse calls
WESM folds
very special folds
looser234 calls
Dealing flop: [2h, 3s, Ac]
looser234 bets $22,000
cristi_an raises $42,000
Cyse calls
rafeydot1 takes a seat
looser234 calls
Dealing turn: [2c]
looser234 checks
Cyse bets $30,000
looser234 calls
Dealing river: [9c]
Cyse shows [4d, Ad] for two pair, Aces and twos
looser234 shows [9h, 9s] for a full house, nines full of twos
cristi_an shows [Tc, Ts] for two pair, tens and twos
looser234 wins main pot $163,000
looser234 wins side pot $55,100
Cyse wins side pot $2,450
cristi_an stands up
Cyse wrote
at 5:34 PM, Monday March 2, 2009 EST
wow 20k more just a bad call after a bad flop
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