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71181 on Thursday April 4, 2013
I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow. ~Abraham Lincoln
Clovinator on Tuesday March 19, 2013
should have taken his chips away,,,,,komod
Robinc4959 on Tuesday March 19, 2013
Ty Annat!
Lorenzo007 on Friday February 18, 2011
Hi! I ask u once again: please give me back the right to play under my Lorenzo007 nick! Its almost 3 month left! Thank u Lorand
Lorenzo 1979 on Wednesday February 16, 2011
lollypop007 is still trading chips with 68 impala. see this post for proof >>> http://www.gpokr.com/discussion/topics/44804039
verysmallrocks on Monday February 7, 2011
elbbep: yo matt Cornelius71 is here pepecolo: lag Obrons is here Obrons: hi pebs Obrons: Pebs, one on one? Obrons: PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Obrons: pebble pebble pebble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pascal1981 is here Obrons has left Obrons is here Oldlee is here Obrons: Pebble, one on one like your mum loves it???? Obrons: Pebble, does she take it up the batty?
elbbep on Friday February 4, 2011
19790401 on Tuesday February 1, 2011
szabbo: another Time To Be Nice: nh P E N I: TY P E N I: big blind special Sun_Dog is here szabbo: lol srdavebetterhalf is here Time To Be Nice: lmfao P E N I: i love dumb niggers Delboy71 has left Aisa is here Time To Be Nice: lol nh szabbo: thz P E N I: lol P E N I: stfu already cunt Time To Be Nice: hummm nice chat
Time To Be Nice on Wednesday January 19, 2011
TexanBest: Adot i need a bj, get on ur knees for me and take 1 for the team adot retired: and u suck dick with that mouth Thelma has left TexanBest: adot, no i just get my dick sucked by bitches like you Nanounere has left TexanBest: its hard to find guys that can blow like u adot retired has left I.R.A 1916Rising has left TexanBest has left
lynnmay on Wednesday December 15, 2010
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