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Hi Lynn It's been a very long time. I hope that you are well Do you play anymore? The lags are very frustrating but I try to stay calm. I sure hope that your health is better than the last time we spoke. TC your friend Goforit
goforit on Wednesday January 15, 2020
Stupid people.
***Insane*** on Tuesday April 23, 2019
The bitch thought she had a lot of power. I for one, am glad she is not playing.
mgb1 on Tuesday April 23, 2019
biglad has been banned for 5 years he wouldnt get that for murder please unban him
thetennersmine on Tuesday January 31, 2017
Can you please unban me? It's been almost 11 hours and I promise that I'll behave better.
somewon on Wednesday June 8, 2016
<3 lynn
sheltered_child on Tuesday June 16, 2015
can you please turn off my chat. I have found myself to be very irritating and constantly arguing with myself. tks ps..... I so want to be a mod
grump on Thursday March 13, 2014
lynnmay: hope ur happy with ur win DP Yes considering I very seldom do.
dpmakeit on Friday February 7, 2014
What can i say apart from thankyou i wont let you down
last01 on Tuesday October 8, 2013
Can you please turn the chat back on for [email protected]
Badazzz on Sunday May 26, 2013
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