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reinstated +play TLP 11:50 AM, Wednesday September 28, 2011 EDT
fell alseep? -play TLP 11:49 AM, Wednesday September 28, 2011 EDT
Qualifies as a hate avatar. -avatar Marice 9:24 PM, Monday January 19, 2009 EST
General Rules Do not use pornography avatars Do not harrasment people Do not use hate language or avatars +changeAvatar JulesDogg 11:51 AM, Friday January 9, 2009 EST
Inappropriate avatar, this is the third time so I've removed your ability to have an avatar. -changeAvatar -avatar Marice 3:30 PM, Wednesday January 7, 2009 EST
Inappropriate avatar. -avatar Marice 3:47 AM, Wednesday January 7, 2009 EST
Inappropriate avatar. -avatar Marice 10:34 PM, Tuesday January 6, 2009 EST

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GO FUCK URSELF! yourmom666 on Monday August 30, 2010
joy.ride1 on Wednesday September 1, 2010
we are not friends! cant let u a message lol anyway...I will not stay on line, italian shows are waiting for me =p play for me...talk to u tomorrow...gl and nite - best regards to black rod XD this is a review ok - MOM rocks
Hellisha on Thursday April 22, 2010
The best show when end of the month is up , congrats and gl , ill come watch you again at the end of this month :)
biglion on Thursday April 1, 2010
Congrats Mom, i´m glad for your medal of May, can´t say you are the best player of Gpokr because like you know the master and the one irish rover plays here too... Let´s go Mooooooooooo?
SrSousa on Monday June 1, 2009
when you finish the month on a 5k table or higher you chicken shit,then you can talk,not doin the same boring,chickenshit thing you do every month ,boy,your one sad bstrd,always were
irish rover on Thursday April 30, 2009
his chat is not too everyones taste but he kept me entertained for a while, if he's in to rock music as well then all the better, even reading the comments on his profile pages is funny, he certainly provokes a reaction
CheeseRoller on Wednesday April 22, 2009
FRESHGUY3 on Monday February 23, 2009
oh my a lot of typing up there. well my friend i think you are a rocking chap. my support as always is yours, the christian hypocrits will never get it, but that is our burden to bear and sigh heavily, take care mister and if ever you need asylum from the god botherers and just fancy a bit of hard rock come visit me, i shall always cheer you on, oh and god bless - lol
panties on Monday February 16, 2009
i just read your review. it only proved what i thought, you are a total dickhead. only my opinion though.
jazza999 on Friday January 30, 2009
JulesDogg: Anyone here taking huge offense to Mom's avatar? ""ENGLAND"": nah yourmom666: kk ruby ruby: nope its a laugh TennJed: no just his play Roddy: no offence, i just hate the moving 1s atta de heerser is here Roddy: and you can always click them off
JulesDogg on Friday January 9, 2009
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