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Hey man... You lost a huge amount paying blinds while you were away... I think it may be a bug... You may wish to to talk with Ryan about it... Cheers.
Remy LeBeau on Sunday December 28, 2008
can u please remove my names from your fiends list on this account. your avatar is way too annoying flashing over on my sidebar. thank you.
Lei... on Tuesday August 12, 2008
hey drew...seen ur comment on ryans page gpokr police keeps on makin accounts pretendin 2 be important...and hes been blocked but keeps makin new 1s ryan said yesterday jst 2 ignore him and he doesnt know who it is he accused me of cheatin 2...jst does it 2 piss people off
bartlemy on Saturday May 17, 2008
Thanks folks for the nice words... Looking forward to playing with all of you too. I guess my secrets out, I'm Drewsifer.
Bettie Page on Friday May 16, 2008
Hi Drew!!! Good to see that you are doing well! Keep it up!!!! GL and TC!!! :) Hope to see you soon!
annat on Friday May 16, 2008
It was nice to meet you tonight BP... I hope to see you around the tables. I think you'll like gpokr as most of the regulars are good people.... how ever you are subject to run into an occasional A-hole.... a word of advice, just ignore them and play. Amanda1, annat, passie, w0lf, moggsie, bsik, and several others are GREAT peeps... again, I hope to see you around. GL and TC, LW PS - the AV is awesome!
low wheel on Thursday May 1, 2008
hi Bettie it was a pleasure playing pokr with you tonight altho it was short, it was sweet hope to see you on the tables again soon xx
amanda1 on Thursday May 1, 2008
Hi I'm new to this site. Tell me what you think of my avatar, I made it myself....hehehe
Bettie Page on Wednesday April 30, 2008
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