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Recognized on 6:38 PM, Sunday June 29, 2008 EDT by Lei
For the highest ever score in Xsketch and being the first to reach the mammoth score of 1 Million points!!! Also for being friendly, helpful and welcoming to all players.

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chiefKeef on Monday February 24, 2014
Marice is someone that i think is easy to get along with. She deserves all she has.
xtobias_ragg97 on Friday September 4, 2009
fresh79 on Wednesday September 2, 2009
Brilliant moderator, was willing to diuscuss a ban decision, certainly using power responsibly.
woopdoop on Friday April 10, 2009
U seem like a great person and it is fun playing cards with U. Now look deep into my eyes and gimmie ur chips
Ryan K on Thursday March 26, 2009
Marice is a great player at sketch and poker, she is fun, supportive and encouraging. I love playing with Marice, she always makes me smile :D
Rhiosace on Saturday March 7, 2009
hey um.. here you go please do somthink they are stil going on. mantom checks WYO COWBOY calls lucky07 takes a seat Gpokr* raises $100 userv2010 calls The Hag calls mantom calls WYO COWBOY calls Dealing flop: [Qh, Kc, Jc] userv2010 checks The Hag folds Gpokr* sits out mantom bets $200 WYO COWBOY calls Gpokr* stands up userv2010 folds Dealing turn: [7c] mantom checks WYO COWBOY bets $300 XPeCkErWoOd1488X folds FaTTy1488 wins main pot $14,947 Gpokr* takes a seat Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [7s, 9s] wes1956 takes a seat FaTTy1488 sits out XPeCkErWoOd1488X folds XPeCkErWoOd1488X stands up FaTTy1488 stands up Gpokr* wins main pot $50 Gpokr* stands up NIKKI1488 takes a seat Starting Hand wes1956 calls NIKKI1488 checks Dealing flop: [Qd, Td, 4h] NIKKI1488 checks wes1956 checks Dealing turn: [2s] XPeCkErWoOd1488X raises $4,949 Gpokr* takes a seat FaTTy1488 raises $4,950 XPeCkErWoOd1488X folds FaTTy1488 wins main pot $9,974
Gpokr* on Tuesday February 24, 2009
an amazing player ^^ watch out for her if she sits at your table she is good :)
Gurgi on Friday February 6, 2009
LING-COD on Monday February 2, 2009
Marice is a great friend and does a great job moderating. She always supports me and I love every chance I get to come here and be around her.
Hails5 on Saturday January 31, 2009
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