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Hails5 wrote
at 6:52 PM, Wednesday December 16, 2009 EST
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a good one!
sportsfanatic wrote
at 2:09 PM, Saturday July 11, 2009 EDT
hi..how u doing?
sportsfanatic wrote
at 9:04 AM, Monday June 15, 2009 EDT
bye!it was gr8 knowing and playing with you..all the best :D...ur by far the best friend ive made on xsketch!..
quickcut wrote
at 12:06 AM, Sunday June 14, 2009 EDT
bye flame, take care
bettyblue wrote
at 6:51 AM, Monday April 27, 2009 EDT
Still waiting for you to pick out an avatar and dress me up in my next look :D
quickcut wrote
at 1:38 AM, Saturday April 25, 2009 EDT
miss you :)
bettyblue wrote
at 10:44 PM, Tuesday April 14, 2009 EDT
I've decided I am so misunderstood that I will now only write in code

bettyblue wrote
at 10:44 PM, Tuesday April 14, 2009 EDT
HI :D ♨ ✎
quickcut wrote
at 12:09 AM, Saturday January 31, 2009 EST
come play with me
TheCinders wrote
at 1:26 PM, Monday December 1, 2008 EST
Hello Mr. Flame! :D
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