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Good luck and have fun with the fresh start. If in doubt with what is allowed, come find me. +chat +play +post jurgen 3:13 PM, Monday July 11, 2011 EDT
think twice about calling me dumbass, also I saw you tell people to go kill their family and then die at the 0 tables again so cool down a bit -chat -play -post jurgen 3:45 AM, Sunday June 12, 2011 EDT
let's try one more time: can you cut it out with the insulting comments to so many people. I better not get any new complaints soon. +post jurgen 1:22 PM, Sunday May 1, 2011 EDT
I told you you reached your monthly quotum of fucks in the forum before...lucky for you the month is almost over. -post jurgen 3:36 PM, Friday April 29, 2011 EDT
chat restored +chat +post jurgen 10:27 AM, Thursday February 17, 2011 EST
friendly reminder to keep your insulting under control -chat -post jurgen 5:36 AM, Wednesday February 16, 2011 EST
We have an agreement for a cease fire. Welcome back. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post KDICEMOD 7:26 PM, Sunday October 31, 2010 EDT
Just following orders. -changeAvatar -chat -play Bone-Roller 11:14 AM, Thursday October 14, 2010 EDT
Ah, the joy of silence! -post Bone-Roller 11:10 AM, Sunday September 26, 2010 EDT
Letting you out of the penalty box - try to behave. +post Bone-Roller 11:04 AM, Saturday July 24, 2010 EDT
Take a break and consider your posting habits. -post Bone-Roller 2:23 PM, Friday July 23, 2010 EDT
reset +post holyharlequin 7:48 PM, Monday January 18, 2010 EST
Bumping thread after being warned -post Holly Molly 2:55 PM, Monday January 18, 2010 EST

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