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Simply thank you
@VunnamRamu on Thursday May 31, 2018
Waaaahahahaha on Monday March 12, 2018
I think you will find posting abilities is only on peoples walls and in forum. Taking away that doesnt include reviews.
***Insane*** on Wednesday June 21, 2017
Hey Kelly, did what was asked. Unfortunately, KC 97 decided to mute my other acct as well. Can we at least unmute that please, this is getting ridiculous.
Vasha9276 on Friday June 16, 2017
Kelly, can you help me with this: http://gpokr.com/games/75770903, thank you.
texasholdempoker on Monday August 29, 2016
I was not myself last night couldn't set things right with apologies or flowers. Out of place was a crying clown, who could only frown but the play went on for hours. But as I lived my role, I swore I'd sell my soul for one love who would stand by me and give me back the gift of laughter. One love who would stand by me and after making love we'd dream a bit of style, dream a bunch of friends, dream each others smile, dream it never ends.
Dick Tucker on Thursday July 21, 2016
Love to have you as a friend xx see u at the tables
bigdaddy3 on Monday July 11, 2016
are you thick or what lets get things rite here its not the first time ive been banned check again you idiot and thats putting it politely check them hands again on wesm and dont say its not the first again no wonder people are leaving the site though you lot you are all fucked up no life atall so do youre best bye and dont say hi to me again and that donk greg 2 faced prick
mark07 on Wednesday July 6, 2016
Whats happening about this cheat please? http://www.gpokr.com/games/74581212 http://www.gpokr.com/games/74581216
RHX55 on Wednesday May 18, 2016
here your little friend cheating AGAIN http://www.gpokr.com/games/74581212...............http://www.gpokr.com/games/74581216
Bucktooth on Monday May 16, 2016
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