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gnice37 wrote
at 7:20 PM, Wednesday July 2, 2014 EDT
congrats .... great june with only tournaments and sit n go's
Who Me wrote
at 7:13 PM, Thursday August 1, 2013 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qs, Js]
bobbrew calls
marty2013 calls
Who Me calls
Super GT folds
colts3064 calls
powerfulpappy checks
Dealing flop: [As, Ks, Ts]
colts3064 checks
powerfulpappy bets $2,000
bobbrew folds
marty2013 calls
Who Me calls
colts3064 folds
icebox43 takes a seat
Dealing turn: [3c]
powerfulpappy checks
Who Me bets $150
powerfulpappy calls
Dealing river: [3h]
powerfulpappy bets $1,350
Who Me calls
powerfulpappy shows [Kd, 5c] for two pair, Kings and threes
marty2013 shows [2s, 8s] for a flush Ace high
Who Me shows [Qs, Js] for a straight flush Ace high
Who Me wins main pot $3,685
Who Me wins side pot $3,960
powerfulpappy wins side pot $375
marty2013 stands up
boosh wrote
at 10:33 AM, Wednesday September 1, 2010 EDT
Tried to stay away in August, huh???? Congrats
Bigrideau wrote
at 7:35 PM, Monday August 2, 2010 EDT
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