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Asked this player to remove this avatar. He said he would but signed out, and as it is still up I am removing it. -avatar Lei 1:18 AM, Monday April 6, 2009 EDT
Inappropriate avatar, please choose something more suitable. -avatar Marice 3:30 AM, Sunday April 5, 2009 EDT

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Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [7d, 2d] eskimo joe calls BlackFace takes a seat AllAbootPK calls uu1 calls Blue Shift calls fully medicated calls berghain folds Rob S. calls he_hate_me checks Dealing flop: [Qs, Qc, 2c] he_hate_me sits out Rob S. bets $200 he_hate_me folds eskimo joe folds AllAbootPK calls uu1 calls Blue Shift folds fully medicated calls Dealing turn: [2s] Rob S. bets $200 AllAbootPK raises $1,000 uu1 folds fully medicated calls Rob S. calls Dealing river: [Qh] Rob S. bets $1,600 AllAbootPK calls fully medicated raises $8,975 Rob S. calls AllAbootPK calls Rob S. shows [5h, 5c] for a full house, Queens full of fives AllAbootPK shows [7d, 2d] for a full house, Queens full of twos fully medicated shows [3c, Qd] for four Queens fully medicated wins main pot $32,125
AllAbootPK on Monday July 6, 2009
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