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Gurgi wrote
at 10:53 PM, Sunday June 19, 2011 EDT
I havnt been here for around a year. it's just how i remember it to be.
purpleviolin wrote
at 6:30 PM, Monday January 31, 2011 EST
I miss you :(
TayBren13 wrote
at 7:14 PM, Friday December 17, 2010 EST
Hey Girl, Long Time No See. How have you been?
You should come sketch with me sometime. And if I don't see you, Have a very Merry Christmas!
purpleviolin wrote
at 5:01 PM, Thursday November 4, 2010 EDT
Quickie I miss you :( I was away for a while to concentrate on final exams and now they're over!!! I go on sketch more these days but aw, I never see you :( And a lot of the people that used to go on. I miss everyoneeeeee :( I hope you're well and okay! Take careee
Maddy_13 wrote
at 2:23 AM, Monday August 30, 2010 EDT
Where art thou quickie???
theconedog wrote
at 8:41 PM, Friday August 20, 2010 EDT
Just finished Jitterbug Perfume yesterday...LOVED IT!!! I'm off now to look for the bandaloop monks to attain immortality :)
These cards suck wrote
at 4:05 PM, Thursday April 22, 2010 EDT
I miss you.
purpleviolin wrote
at 7:43 PM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
QC my dear! :D Have a wonderful new year, and I hope all your new year's resolutions are fulfilled! I wish you all the very best for 2010, and take care!
Hails5 wrote
at 6:39 PM, Wednesday December 16, 2009 EST
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a good one!
holyharlequin wrote
at 6:11 AM, Saturday October 17, 2009 EDT
hmmm I don't eat seafood but i can ask my mother what recipes she's got :)
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