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Player explained - Make sure to explain when asked to prevent this in the future. +play annat 9:56 AM, Wednesday February 7, 2024 EST
Banned for transferring chips with Papa Mauser. I asked them to explain themselves, but nothing. Both accounts will be banned until 1st of next month. -play annat 9:31 AM, Wednesday February 7, 2024 EST

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He might not be very good at poker, but he's not funny either.
Created on Thursday November 9, 2023
Not good enough to play the larger tables lol
uncle.sven51 on Tuesday October 17, 2023
plays stupid and gets lucky
Lalita Lani on Tuesday May 9, 2023
and while you are at it ban phizzzzzzzz as well!
elbbep on Saturday December 5, 2020
Disruptive player. Uses maximum time each turn. Wastes everyone's time at the table. Should be banned for life.
unskilled on Friday December 4, 2020
Starting Hand BAHIA IROC raises $4,700 koksi raises $4,950 GOLD CROSSBARS takes a seat BAHIA IROC folds koksi wins main pot $9,725 GOLD CROSSBARS stands up WestsideDJ takes a seat BAHIA IROC stands up koksi stands up WestsideDJ stands up koksi raises $4,900 BAHIA IROC calls Dealing flop: [2c, 9s, Jh] BAHIA IROC folds koksi wins main pot $9,850 koksi stands up BAHIA IROC stands up BAHIA IROC takes a seat BAHIA IROC stands up
GOLD CROSSBARS on Thursday February 18, 2010
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