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Han Cholo

you all are some racist motherfuckers
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panties wrote
at 1:15 PM, Monday February 16, 2009 EST
i need ya mister, do you think you could drop on by?
panties wrote
at 12:48 PM, Monday February 16, 2009 EST
oh honey, i miss my asian cousin. i dont wanna play without him, pokr becomes meaninless!
panties wrote
at 12:12 PM, Monday February 16, 2009 EST
arrh come on todd, you have sooo many names,and i have but one. send your email to me. cos this is so painful mister
panties wrote
at 6:32 AM, Monday February 16, 2009 EST
mister!!! i play like once a week, can you not have the decency to give up your sleep to talk to me? i dunno, i am so hurt by your absence, tears chorus down my face, and they aint singing no tunes mister!
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