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New York City Baby!!
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Recognized on 12:57 PM, Friday November 28, 2014 EST by gnice37
an asset to the gpokr community. thx for helping this site be a better place

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restored +chat +play kellykellymoore 2:14 PM, Tuesday August 16, 2016 EDT
Cheat, Beno, and there will beno beno. 3 days, whole month next time. -chat -play kellykellymoore 10:26 PM, Friday August 12, 2016 EDT
harassing 3 players....was told to stop and dared me to mute -chat -post lynnmay 8:01 PM, Tuesday November 8, 2011 EST

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Sad. Pro.
PerfectI on Thursday September 5, 2019
yes hes a new york city BABY!!!
RHX55 on Monday November 18, 2013
when your beat with your silly all in, lilbeno take it don't be a tit lil beno grow up!!!!
sniggers on Monday October 4, 2010
220 refills and over 7000 hands this month. Yeah, I'm a loser. Little Bitch.
Heavy_Dummy on Friday July 31, 2009
pebble": your total career chips=$37,075... mine = $2,711,061 enough said i think. ha ha ha ha
"pebble" on Wednesday May 6, 2009
errepy on Thursday April 16, 2009
Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [8h, 7h] dr. zoidberg 69 raises $15,000 jjllightning321 folds chekira folds bigbeno calls Dealing flop: [7d, 8d, Tc] bigbeno checks dr. zoidberg 69 bets $25,000 bigbeno raises $426,244 dr. zoidberg 69 calls Dealing turn: [Jd] Dealing river: [6s] bigbeno shows [3d, Td] for a flush Jack high dr. zoidberg 69 shows [8h, 7h] for two pair, eights and sevens bigbeno wins main pot $884,988 FUCKING IDIOT
dr. zoidberg 69 on Friday March 27, 2009
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