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gtoo wrote
at 3:53 PM, Sunday September 14, 2014 EDT
gtoo shows [Kh, 8h] for a straight flush Ace high
z55 shows [Ad, As] for a full house, Aces full of tens
tweek303 shows [Kc, 4c] for a straight Ace high
sunday_off shows [Jd, 5s] for two pair, Jacks and tens
gtoo wins main pot $7,675
gtoo wins side pot $3,975
gtoo wins side pot $2,150
coz1234 wrote
at 9:20 PM, Thursday February 10, 2011 EST
you are so gay
freezing in Mi wrote
at 8:51 AM, Monday January 3, 2011 EST
Hey gtoo! How's it goin? Living life...freezing...as usual.
gtoo wrote
at 7:47 PM, Thursday December 30, 2010 EST
i suck
coz1234 wrote
at 4:50 AM, Saturday December 12, 2009 EST
you suck
freezing in Mi wrote
at 3:43 PM, Sunday October 25, 2009 EDT
Gtoo rocks in spades!!!!!!!!!!
gtoo wrote
at 7:00 PM, Friday October 9, 2009 EDT
where is rocky????
tlaw76 wrote
at 10:27 PM, Saturday October 3, 2009 EDT
on the black pipe!!!!!
gtoo wrote
at 9:09 AM, Thursday November 27, 2008 EST
i suck
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