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is not away now +play lynnmay 7:47 PM, Friday February 3, 2012 EST
away, losing chips, making room -play kellykellymoore 8:56 AM, Saturday January 21, 2012 EST
All better...=) +play kellykellymoore 3:04 AM, Sunday June 20, 2010 EDT
Player has been sitting out for a few hours, is losing all his chips. =) -play kellykellymoore 3:03 AM, Sunday June 20, 2010 EDT

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He likess pokr, more than me
@VunnamRamu on Sunday November 18, 2018
i myself like tweek 303 he has always been a gentlemen. this is big brutus 2 can i please have my 2500 chips and star for getting you referrals
big brutus 2 on Friday August 17, 2012
Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [9c, Ks] Dj Presents folds tweek303 calls GeorgeSoros folds cristi_an calls A&8 calls Cam 2007 raises $400 tigar10 calls Daniel Müller folds Blufffmaster calls Dj Presents stands up tweek303 calls cristi_an calls A&8 calls Dealing flop: [7c, 8c, Tc] Blufffmaster checks tweek303 checks cristi_an checks A&8 checks Cam 2007 bets $500 tigar10 calls Blufffmaster folds cristi_an sits out tweek303 calls cristi_an stands up A&8 folds Dealing turn: [6d] tweek303 checks Cam 2007 checks tigar10 checks Dealing river: [Jc] tweek303 checks Cam 2007 checks tigar10 bets $1,800 tweek303 raises $19,200 Cam 2007 folds tigar10 calls tweek303 shows [9c, Ks] for a straight flush Jack high tigar10 shows [Qc, Jh] for a flush Queen high tweek303 wins main pot $31,106 tweek303 wins side pot $5,647
tweek303 on Monday January 2, 2012
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