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Kotka foreverrrr :) Kiva puhuu sinua
victorinus on Wednesday September 1, 2021
C U Later In the next tourney.
Big Al Rogorson on Tuesday January 26, 2021
i never said the call was good!, i said it was a nice hand, how he got there is irrelevant, to the fact it ended up a nice hand. and to call him a "fool" is harsh , considering its a fun , free poker site!
RHX55 on Tuesday November 10, 2020
Such a sweet person
Ramu the hacker on Saturday September 12, 2020
Hellisha, i was trying to tell u, i cant read chat while im playing, my screen is locked high which hides chat. i am not rude, i have lots of friends on this site. Besides that, i am a slow, 1 finger typer, so cut me a break please, thank you, Stoney.
Stoney63 on Wednesday September 9, 2020
miss you, hope you like italy.
Rogman on Monday January 25, 2010
This girl is beautiful. In addition, she has a marvelous sense of humor.
cigsmokingman on Wednesday September 2, 2009
where u from
ontherun.al on Friday March 27, 2009
Hellisha on Friday February 20, 2009
how about we make a personal bet me against u highest amount of money wins just for fun and it gives u a chance to prove u are a killer on the game and i will leave the game forever if u beat me i think that sounds fair
F3A12L3SS on Thursday February 19, 2009
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