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philip15 wrote
at 7:56 PM, Wednesday December 31, 2008 EST
and she is a bitch
philip15 wrote
at 7:55 PM, Wednesday December 31, 2008 EST
fc email is [email protected]
Sean Ritter wrote
at 8:31 PM, Tuesday December 30, 2008 EST
Hey Patty, I'm only ignoring U because ive been waiting for pictures...of u you have seen me in my birthday best...so i only have a voice & i have 2 see you for things to progress.....Sean
megacody wrote
at 10:56 PM, Monday December 29, 2008 EST
sup srry i had to leave
Sean Ritter wrote
at 10:47 PM, Wednesday December 24, 2008 EST
Sean Ritter wrote
at 10:47 PM, Wednesday December 24, 2008 EST
philip15 wrote
at 11:19 PM, Wednesday December 17, 2008 EST
can't tell i see you in usa and we have sex baby love you
karl23 wrote
at 12:18 PM, Friday December 12, 2008 EST
hi karl here my email is [email protected]
Doe Doe wrote
at 2:55 PM, Friday December 5, 2008 EST
Hey, Gtreat Pic, chick! Listen, I've had it with losin chips to glitches, (dont mind donatin) so im gonna bolt till they get it worked out. GL, hope i see u soon.
MMF wrote
at 11:16 PM, Sunday November 23, 2008 EST
Is there a Grand Ledge in Grand Ledge? Or is it just a regular ledge? Like a window ledge or an alledged ledge. Or maybe there's no ledge at all anymore. Maybe someone took it or moved it to Grand Rapids - where there's no grand rapids either! Who knows. I'll keep looking.
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