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aces are shitthe river's a bitch
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can we do somthing about this please? liam20: pebble is a fucking idiot ***pebble***: lol liam20: pebble is a shit on a stick jasonmckenna87: ted wats up ***pebble***: big brave boy ***pebble***: hi jason m8 liam20: where you stay pebble jasonmckenna87: wats wrong with liam pebble Gony_T: fuk im good Ga$ has left ***pebble***: hes a complete nutter jasonmckenna87: lmao liam20: pebble is a fucking retard ***pebble***: yeh yeh we got that liam20: pebble ur going to die liam20: ur going down jasonmckenna87: liam why u not like pebble ***pebble***: smashing liam20: pebble is going down he a fucking weirdo liam20: same reason i dont like you jason you are both bingo players jasonmckenna87: kk liam20: jason and pebble fuck each other up the ass liam20: jason eats all pebbles cum liam20: jason likes guys to gang bang him gtoo has left jasonmckenna87: liam come on sit in i take ur chips loser gtoo is here liam20: jason how many guys have fucked you 50 100 150 lndianer is here jasonmckenna87: 500 liam20: we know 10000 guys have fucked you ***pebble***: he has to wait 10 mins the great player that he is jasonmckenna87: lmao liam20: you must wear a nappy your hole so lose that it cant keep the shit in jasonmckenna87: lol Gony_T: fuk im good liam20: shitty pebble MatthewBird is here ***pebble***: hi matt MatthewBird: hi liam20: pebble do you eat jasons shit kocka2 is here gtoo has left jasonmckenna87: nh lndianer: thx jasonmckenna87: yw liam20: i'm coming for you pebble and jason -chat -post These cards suck 4:55 PM, Saturday February 13, 2010 EST

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