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Get Cha Game Up ;-)
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Pokr Face wrote
at 8:58 PM, Monday March 2, 2009 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ks, 5h]
Nanomoretto takes a seat
HarleyUSA calls
DJ23 folds
bfoxy folds
gettin jiggy calls
DrRich calls
Pokr Face checks
Dealing flop: [5d, As, Qs]
DrRich checks
Pokr Face sits out
Pokr Face checks
HarleyUSA checks
gettin jiggy checks
Dealing turn: [Js]
Pokr Face sits in
DrRich bets $50
Pokr Face raises $1,000
HarleyUSA folds
gettin jiggy folds
HarleyUSA sits out
DrRich calls
Dealing river: [Ts]
HarleyUSA sits in
DrRich bets $50
Pokr Face raises $1,925
DrRich calls
DrRich shows [Jd, 4s] for a flush Ace high
Pokr Face shows [Ks, 5h] for a straight flush Ace high
Pokr Face wins main pot $6,050

Pucker wrote
at 1:13 PM, Monday February 2, 2009 EST
where have ytou been? miss ya!
fishydevil wrote
at 6:18 PM, Wednesday January 28, 2009 EST
well lad still cant chat !!! bastades took me off it
fishydevil wrote
at 8:01 PM, Monday January 26, 2009 EST
hay lad me right to talk was removed foooking pricks
b radgster wrote
at 3:07 PM, Monday November 17, 2008 EST
i'm gonna get my money one way or another...haha gl
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