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sugurbabe wrote
at 9:25 AM, Tuesday October 6, 2009 EDT
hay dad estead of a lap top if you can can i have tickets to swim with dolphines love ya miss you so much i want to see you when is your term gonna be please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sugurbabe wrote
at 4:18 PM, Friday September 4, 2009 EDT
dad im peed of 4th of sep i had 51 thosand chips i lost it all in about three goes the big one was i had a king and 5 bith of them come up but someone had a flush its not fare
sugurbabe wrote
at 5:27 AM, Tuesday September 1, 2009 EDT
hi dad i cant get on pocker no more why
Jude007 wrote
at 2:38 PM, Monday June 8, 2009 EDT
hey come sit in with me x
Jude007 wrote
at 3:53 PM, Sunday June 7, 2009 EDT
hey dude. what happened to calling me ay? :)
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