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Recognized on 7:49 PM, Wednesday November 9, 2011 EST by lynnmay
always a pleasure to play with!!!

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Zimtok5 on Monday January 11, 2016
sharkbait shows [Qd, Ac] for two pair, Jacks and sevens The Hag shows [Jh, Jd] for four Jacks The Hag wins main pot $9,175 sharkbait wins side pot $1,800
no.one on Monday February 27, 2012
One of the good guys...and funny.
Sol Goodman on Tuesday January 24, 2012
This guy is always trying to make a pariah out of me. You just don't understand me, Hag. The lovely Bettyke made me my hat to cover my disfigured skull but it doesn't seem to have alleviated The Hag's irrational fears. How am I a liar? Do you not recall the conversation between you and headstrongmama where you called me the poor man's brat?
ggallin on Friday January 20, 2012
he Hag shows [Kc, Qc] for four Kings gnice37 shows [6h, 9s] for a full house, Kings full of sixs The Hag wins main pot $600
lynnmay on Sunday January 15, 2012
c0rrupt bets $9,625 The Hag calls The Hag shows [9h, 6h] for a straight flush ten high bev3002 shows [2d, Qh] for a flush Queen high LedZep shows [9s, Ts] for a straight Jack high c0rrupt shows [5c, Jh] for a flush Jack high boltfan shows [Tc, 7s] for two pair, tens and sevens The Hag wins main pot $2,275 The Hag wins side pot $1,700 The Hag wins side pot $11,475 The Hag wins side pot $19,250 bev3002 stands up
The Hag on Wednesday December 21, 2011
This guy will always be remembered most for his charming, witty sense of humor. If you ever need a smile or an honest opinion, hes the man! Thanks for all you have taught me, my friend.
headstrongmama on Tuesday November 8, 2011
The Hag: now that was a jack ass bet and call covalt: Hag: feeling's mutual. And yes, you did start it by telling me to fuck off. sjfixed: Nh Hag The Hag: ty, and ur wrong compadre The Hag: i said fug, after, u critisized my call to a jackass bet covalt: no, I'm right. So, are we going to go back and forth like this. "No you're wrong" "No you're wrong" "No No NO you're wrong" :)
cornfed on Tuesday June 15, 2010
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