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philip15 wrote
at 12:30 PM, Tuesday January 6, 2009 EST
she saw it saw said it was funny and it was me and my borther taking to you
fatchick1 wrote
at 1:25 PM, Thursday January 1, 2009 EST
yeah i'm a bitch to u
fatchick1 wrote
at 9:15 AM, Wednesday December 17, 2008 EST
what the hell is wrong philip please come tell
fatchick1 wrote
at 3:15 AM, Wednesday December 17, 2008 EST
philip why are u mad at me and wont talk to me.i dont know what i did but just tell me please im all upset now. u leave u dont say bye and do u think i had something to do with that i dont. i was just as upset. come talk to me please when u get this.
fatchick1 wrote
at 8:07 PM, Sunday December 14, 2008 EST
philp u left and didn't let me finish. plus u didn't even say buy. don't do that i dont like that.ok have a good nite.
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