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Ossas99 wrote
at 2:14 AM, Monday January 11, 2010 EST
caslan wrote
at 6:50 PM, Saturday June 13, 2009 EDT
Night babe
caslan wrote
at 6:32 PM, Saturday June 13, 2009 EDT
hi, new to this and lost you, sorry about that.
LittleJinx wrote
at 6:13 PM, Thursday May 28, 2009 EDT
nite babe sleep well see you soon hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
LittleJinx wrote
at 4:05 PM, Thursday May 28, 2009 EDT
no not workin but am are away tomorrow nite sould be on saterday hopefully
LittleJinx wrote
at 7:55 PM, Monday May 25, 2009 EDT
where we bye house babes?
LittleJinx wrote
at 7:38 PM, Monday May 25, 2009 EDT
sry babes was workin all weekend
LittleJinx wrote
at 3:56 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
where are you babes?
LittleJinx wrote
at 10:56 AM, Saturday May 16, 2009 EDT
sry babes have go to work see a soon get talkin to you again bye babe.xxx
LittleJinx wrote
at 5:06 PM, Tuesday May 12, 2009 EDT
yessssss your finally home cant wait to play a long side you let me no when your on pet .xxx
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