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chemical chris

...And all the sailors who were junkies,all went sailing out to sea.And the white man sold quaaludes to the monkies,and they all died high up in the trees!!
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reinstated +play TLP 12:18 PM, Saturday October 1, 2011 EDT
forgot sitting boot to save blinds -play TLP 12:18 PM, Saturday October 1, 2011 EDT
restored +chat +post kellykellymoore 8:49 PM, Thursday February 18, 2010 EST
re do -chat -post kellykellymoore 10:30 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2010 EST
restored +chat +post kellykellymoore 8:09 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2010 EST
needs a break -chat -post kellykellymoore 7:25 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2010 EST
freed +post These cards suck 11:49 AM, Wednesday January 27, 2010 EST
precaution -post These cards suck 8:31 PM, Tuesday January 26, 2010 EST
Asked to be unbanned. +changeAvatar +chat +post Marice 4:22 PM, Monday May 18, 2009 EDT
Asked to be banned. Wish granted -changeAvatar -chat -post -avatar These cards suck 6:59 PM, Friday April 17, 2009 EDT

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RIP Chris, sorely missed dude xox
LilVik on Wednesday October 26, 2011
Punk In Drublic on Tuesday October 25, 2011
i can honestly say, you were 1 of the true friends and coolest people i met in my whole time on gpokr! gunna miss our laughs on here an facebook and msn! keep rocking it up there bro, RIP CHEMMY BEAR, u gunna be missed
john27 on Tuesday October 25, 2011
Funny, sweet and willing to teach a noob a few tricks. Also best DJ on the site. Where's his+?
tashabee on Friday June 25, 2010
A gracious player. Chris maintains a gentlemanly way of playing poker, which is so refreshing for this site. Chris is a calculated card player, and knows how and when to make a move. I enjoy playing against him. Good luck this year, Chemical Chris.
JonasAlCaponas on Thursday January 28, 2010
cant say more than this Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [6d, 8d] actionguy9 folds bighall raises $10,000 sprigett folds chemical chris calls mark07 folds ramonfaur folds regi187gmailcom folds Dari folds henkie2600 calls Dealing flop: [6s, 8s, 4h] henkie2600 bets $40,000 bighall folds chemical chris calls Dealing turn: [5s] henkie2600 bets $35,000 chemical chris calls Dealing river: [6h] henkie2600 bets $15,000 chemical chris calls chemical chris shows [7s, 9s] for a straight flush nine high henkie2600 shows [6d, 8d] for a full house, sixs full of eights chemical chris wins main pot $212,500
henkie2600 on Friday January 22, 2010
Cool as fuckin', and fuckin' is cool. At least when your in high school.
agentt008 on Monday October 5, 2009
finding out thaat there is really a sweet guy with a big heart underneath all those...chemicals. =)
AllAbootPK on Wednesday July 15, 2009
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