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better late dan pregnant
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jamesffl wrote
at 6:16 AM, Tuesday January 25, 2011 EST
ussless cunt
MICK789 wrote
at 6:22 PM, Wednesday December 16, 2009 EST
da biggest pot ever i seen
Dealing pocket cards: [Ac, 3d]
MICK789 sits in
coa999 calls
MICK789 calls
Dealing turn: [3c]
MICK789 checks
gus87 bets $160,000
coa999 calls
MICK789 calls
Dealing river: [6d]
MICK789 checks
coa999 bets $10,000
MICK789 calls
gus87 shows [Ah, 5h] for a pair of Aces
coa999 shows [Ks, Ad] for a pair of Aces
MICK789 shows [Ac, 3d] for two pair, Aces and threes
MICK789 wins main pot $650,000
MICK789 wins side pot $16,914
coa999 wins side pot $1,543
gus87 stands up
gus87 takes a seat
jamesffl wrote
at 5:21 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
cock sucker
MICK789 wrote
at 10:39 AM, Wednesday May 20, 2009 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [Kc, 8h]
AlleyOops sits out
diamondjim sits out
diamondjim sits out
MICK789 raises $50
diamondjim stands up
FiliMex raises $1,000
csz folds
erogen folds
AlleyOops stands up
joe d folds
joe d stands up
fatchick1 folds
MICK789 calls
Dealing flop: [3c, 7d, 6c]
joe d takes a seat
MICK789 checks
FiliMex bets $500
MICK789 calls
Dealing turn: [Ac]
Dealing river: [Tc]
FiliMex shows [2s, 2c] for a flush Ace high
MICK789 shows [Kc, 8h] for a flush Ace high
MICK789 wins main pot $3,050
Skilachy wrote
at 10:56 AM, Tuesday May 19, 2009 EDT
and boys but they hav ta b young
Skilachy wrote
at 10:55 AM, Tuesday May 19, 2009 EDT
he likes litle girls
kduffer92 wrote
at 4:20 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
im mad horny again i must go for the cure!!!!!!!
kduffer92 wrote
at 6:21 AM, Monday February 9, 2009 EST
Monty123 wrote
at 10:59 AM, Wednesday January 14, 2009 EST
i got bad
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