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1 day +chat +post lynnmay 6:14 PM, Sunday October 23, 2011 EDT
harassment and crude language in the forum -chat -post lynnmay 10:57 PM, Friday October 21, 2011 EDT
Time served unmuted. +chat +post TLP 7:16 AM, Sunday July 25, 2010 EDT
http://gpokr.com/discussion/topics/44796321 -chat -post These cards suck 6:02 AM, Tuesday April 13, 2010 EDT

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dashiel is my hero
Jon the Giant Ki on Monday March 18, 2013
Do my job?? I DID my job!! anna, plzzzzzzzzzz gimme back my chat k its been long enough people say worse sh!t and you just let it go like that, read the forum and all the bs thats been said on chats... appreciate it if u give it back, do ur job " by [Dashiel] -- Look at the reviews on that acct. Those are words that you ridicule others for. I warned you and you continued, in fact over and over as to prompt me to ban. I will lift the ban in 1 week as standard. Do not tell me to do my job, when in fact I DID and you of all ppl know that!
annat on Monday March 2, 2009
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