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Steeler Mom wrote
at 6:02 PM, Monday February 27, 2012 EST
Poop i missed you...Hugs hun... i am Shylo also
Steeler Mom wrote
at 7:19 AM, Wednesday November 23, 2011 EST
Hi ya...I sure do miss you, hope and pray you and your family are doing well ...hugs Ty
kellykellymoore wrote
at 8:13 AM, Saturday December 25, 2010 EST
Hi, Ty...hope you and your family have a great holiday! Good luck in the new year...Hugs
kellykellymoore wrote
at 3:26 PM, Sunday November 28, 2010 EST
Hey, Ty...=) Hope you have a great birthday!!! Hugs!
rmartini wrote
at 10:29 PM, Thursday July 1, 2010 EDT
Congrats on your first medal tc!!! My lessons finally paid off hoe!!
deebz wrote
at 12:59 PM, Saturday April 17, 2010 EDT
Congratulations on the 300k. Your tournament play seems to be excellent. Luck and skill to ya for the top 100 finish.
Javipu14 wrote
at 2:52 PM, Wednesday May 20, 2009 EDT
you are the best tcrhis!
tontoyoder wrote
at 6:26 PM, Sunday April 26, 2009 EDT
u suck
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